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Easily Improve Your Health With Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

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An incredibly simple way to get dramatic health results

EMF That’s Good For You

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy makes the most fundamental and essential systems in the body work better… and when they do, you get the health results you want.

Just relax on a comfortable mat a few minutes a day.

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Clear health and wellness benefits

iMRS PEMF doesn’t detect, diagnose, or cure any specific disease. Instead, it improves the function of several basic mechanisms in the body and restores the natural balance in the body.

iMRS pulsed electromagnetic therapy helps create a foundation for your personal wellness lifestyle. Combining Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy with a few basic healthy-living principles can dramatically change your life.

When your body works better, you’ll feel better.

Life Enhancement

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields increase wellness, improve disease prevention, and empower you to have peak performance.

Electromagnetic signals are a critical part of your healthy life. Eating the right food, drinking good water, getting rest, and doing regular exercise are essential factors in keeping healthy, avoiding diseases, and performing your best at work or play. 

Just like vitamins and minerals are important and will improve your health and prevent illness, iMRS pulsed electromagnetic therapy done on a regular basis makes your mind and body work better. 

When your body and mind work better, you perform better. 

Wellness, Prevention, and Performance may be the most important things PEMF treatment does.

imrs pemf for wellness and peak performance
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Products to meet your needs and budget

iMRS has a line of products and accessories that fit your home or office needs for a high-quality Pulsed Electromagnetic Field system. The Wellfit, Complete, Professional, and iFAUNA systems, enhancements, and accessories let you custom tailor and later expand your PEMF system.

Let us help you configure the system that’s right for you.

Easy to set up and use

Digital technology makes the iMRS systems a snap to use. Anyone can use it without any technical skills or special training. All you have to do is attach in a few things… as easy as plugging in headphones, set the time, and press the start button.

You don’t need extensive training to get results.

Set up and start getting health benefits in 15 minutes.

imrs health professional set pemf system imore iguide islrs

Training and support by licensed and certified iMRShealth healthcare professionals

When you do need training and support, you want to be sure you get it from people who can get you the health and wellness results you want fast.

iMRShealth is a team of licensed healthcare and alternative healthcare professionals… doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and energy medicine practitioners. Our mission has been to help people feel better for over 100 combined years.

That means we’re committed to your health and satisfaction, and we promise to always tell you the truth and all the health facts. If Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy is a good option for you, we simplify the process so you can get health benefits as quickly as possible. 

You just can’t get any better training or support.

Grounded in REAL science

Thousands of published, independent scientific research studies… including the groundbreaking research done at NASA… prove the health and wellness benefits of certain low frequency, low-intensity square and sawtooth wave Pulsed Electromagnetic Field signals.

iMRS is based on legitimate science.

pemf imrs bemer scientific research

Simply the best PEMF value

Not only is iMRS designed according to the standards established in solid scientific research about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, it also gives you the most features for each dollar you spend.

We’ve identified 16 distinct reasons iMRS is the best deal you can get.

iMRS is simply the best value and iMRShealth is the best place to purchase.

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