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Get Free eBook in Messenger Energy Medicine Podcasts

An Incredibly Simple Way To Get Dramatic Health Results

EMF That’s Good For You

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy makes the most fundamental and essential systems in the body work better… and when they do, you get the health results you want.

PEMF increases wellness, improves disease prevention, and empowers you to have peak performance.

Just relax on a comfortable mat a few minutes a day.

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Training And Support By Licensed And Certified iMRShealth Professionals

When you need training and support you want it from people who can get you the health and wellness results you want.

iMRShealth is a team of licensed healthcare and alternative health professionals… doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and energy medicine practitioners. Our mission has been to help people feel better for over 100 combined years.

You can’t get any better training and support.

Great Training Videos

iMRShealth has the best training videos. They’re clear and to the point. I was able to set up my iMRS and start using it in just a few minutes.

I Wouldn’t Be Without It.

My original purpose for renting the iMRS mat was to increase my energy; it worked. I accomplish more every day. I just get up and do tasks instead of procrastinating because I feel tired. Now, I have enough energy to keep up my busy lifestyle. For example, I used to feel exhausted after four hours of housework, now I can work for six hours at a time.

All of the remarkable benefits of the PEMF therapy have enhanced my health, well-being, my entire life. After only three months of using it, I wouldn’t be without it.

Laura Lindsay

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Introducing iMRS Health PEMF Therapy

Introducing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Discover what the 21st-century technology for health and wellness using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is all about.

What Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Can Do For You

Learn the basics of what Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy does to improve your health and wellness by improving basic body systems.

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iMRS PEMF Life Enhancment

iMRS PEMF isn’t just for symptom relief. It improves overall wellness, boost the immune system, and takes you to peak performance.

Introducing iMRShealth iMRS PEMF

Introducing iMRShealth

iMRShealth is the best place you can purchase your iMRS system. See why.

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Brainwave Entrainment

iMRS uses PEMF, sound, and light at the right frequencies to encourage your brain into the relaxing alpha, delta, and theta brainwaves for a better night’s sleep. In the mornings, it coaxes your brain into the beta brainwaves for alertness.

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Products To Meet Your Needs And Budget

iMRShealth has a line of products and accessories that fit your home or office needs for a high-quality PEMF system.

Let us help you configure the system that’s right for you.

Easy To Set Up And Use

Digital technology makes the iMRS systems a snap to use. Anyone can use it without any technical skills or special training. All you have to do is attach a few things to the control unit… as easy as plugging in headphones, setting the time, and pressing the start button.

Grounded In REAL Science

Thousands of published, independent scientific research studies… including the groundbreaking research done at NASA… prove the health and wellness benefits of low frequency, low-intensity square and sawtooth PEMF signals.

Simply The Best

iMRS systems have the best price to performance and features. Don’t consider any other PEMF unit before you call us at…

(877) 278-1187

We configure the system that’s right for you at the best possible prices.

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