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The iMRS PEMF system is amazingly simple to set up and use… to get great results. Its designed to automate almost all PEMF functions.

But when you need training and support, you can rely on certified and licensed healthcare professionals to make sure you get what you need to get the results you want.

Only Natural Earth Frequencies

The Earth has natural electromagnetic frequencies that animal and human bodies and brains have thrived in since life first appeared on the earth. They are the good EMF signals that NASA research has found are essential to health.

The iMRS uses the same frequencies… the ones that are natural. Doesn’t it make sense that those frequencies should be the only frequencies in any therapeutic device? Of course, that’s why iMRS is the best PEMF device.

More About The Science

Three Applicator Devices

imrs health complete pemf system

Different applicators let you give the best PEMF treatments to different areas of your body.

A Mat Applicator is the best way to deliver PEMF treatment to the entire body. The Pillow Applicator is the best way to deliver PEMF treatment to localized areas of the body. A Probe Applicator is the best way to deliver PEMF treatment to specific points on the body including, but not limited to acupuncture points. 

The iMRS has all three types of Applicators delivering sawtooth and square waves.

Automatic Intensity Control

imore imrs health heart rate variability

The iMORE heart rate variability (HRV) sensor automatically adjusts the intensity of your PEMF signal on a moment to moment basis throughout the duration of your therapy session.

No other PEMF system has this unique, automatic feature to ensure you get the best PEMF session possible.

Biorhythm Clock Automatically Selects Frequencies

For thousands of years, Chinese Medicine has known that the body is sensitive to certain frequencies at certain times of the day. Today, science proves the brain exhibits particular frequencies depending on its state of activity.

Doesn’t it make sense that a PEFM device would support those frequencies in ways that would wake you up in the morning and relax you to sleep at night? The iMRS does that and more.

Brainwave Entrainment Helps You Relax

iMRS uses natural earth frequencies

The brain naturally resonates with the right EMF frequencies coming from a PEMF device. It makes sense that the specific PEMF frequencies in the device correspond to the known Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta brainwaves and that the right frequencies are used automatically at the proper time of day.

The iMRS Intelligent Control Unit does all that seamlessly to melt away stress, improve oxygen circulation, deepen your relaxation, help you sleep and improve emotional balance… all without drugs or side effects. It’s totally unique and makes iMRS the best PEMF device you can buy.

More About Brainwave Entrainment

Built In Settings For 284 Different Conditions

iMRS iGUIDE database

Different conditions in the body require different PEMF settings. You shouldn’t need to remember them all.

The iMRS has the unique iGUIDE database with the specific settings for 284 different health conditions. It’s great for healthcare practitioners and is available as an option directly programmed into the Control Unit SD Card.

Light and Sound Brainwave Entrainment Enhancement To Relax More

islrs imrs brainwave entrainment relaxation

The best PEMF therapeutic results are achieved when you are completely relaxed. The unique, optional iSLRS system uses sound, visual stimuli, and the technology of brain entrainment to get you and your brain into relaxed Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwave states. It works with your Intelligent Control Unit seamlessly enhancing the brainwave entrainment from the PEMF signal alone.

Learn More About iSLRS

Completely Digital Intelligent Control Unit Means Superior PEMF Signals

imrs health pemf control unit

The control unit is a powerful computer. That means it can be programmed to produce PEMF signals that are optimum for a variety of conditions. It’s programmed for ease of use with many automatic features.

The clever design of the control unit puts important programming information on a standard SD memory card like the ones in cameras and phones. That means that when new programs are available or you want to upgrade or add new enhancements to your system, you can easily upgrade your unit by popping out the SD card from the front slot and putting in a new one.

Scientifically Proven Waveforms

imrs research proved PEMF sawtooth wave
imrs research proven PEMF squarewave

Some PEMF manufacturers use proprietary waveforms in their PEMF signals. However, independent research by NASA and other organizations proves the most effective PEMF signals for therapy consist of fields that turn on and off abruptly. The two best waveforms for doing that are the sawtooth and square wave.

The iMRS Full Body Mat’s sawtooth is best for providing overall health benefits to the tissues throughout the body. The Pillow and Probe’s square wave is best for localized repair and rejuvenation.

Safe But Effective Intensities

imrs health pemf therapy mat

The natural EMF of the Earth is very low intensity. While PEMF signals don’t always need to be as low, they do need to stay within established guidelines for exposure to EMF.

iMRS uses safe but effective intensities. It has a wider range of intensity selections so you can get exactly what you need… but all are in the low intensity, completely safe range.

Superior Construction Means Superior PEMF Signals

imrs superior copper coils

The iMRS system uses tightly wound copper coils. They produce the purest form of the magnetic field. As shown, the full-body mat has 3 sets of two coils with different copper windings to produce the best results for the head, torso, and legs. No other PEMF device has coils like these. The PIllow has 2 similar coils, and the probe itself is a tightly wound copper coil.

Automatic PEMF Signal Variation To Reduce Adaptation

The body naturally acclimates to pulsed electromagnetic signals. That means that the therapeutic effect of an unvarying signal decreases even over a short time.

The iMRS automatically changes the polarity of the signal every 2 minutes to ensure the best possible therapeutic effect. In addition, the frequency is different at different times of the day, and the iMORE option varies the intensity on a moment-to-moment basis.

Designed To Reduce Harmful EMF Electro-Smog

imrs health ac adapter

EMF in non-natural frequencies can be harmful, and 60Hz signals present in all standard building wiring is one of the most significant sources of “bad EMF”. The further you are away from it, the better.

The iMRS uses a wall-socket power converter to deliver only DC (non-EMF) to the Control Unit and EMF applicators (Mat, Pillow, and Probe). That keeps the bad EMF as far away from you as possible.

FDA Registered and Certified Worldwide

The iMRS has important registrations and/or certifications from the FDA, Health Canada, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EEC 93/42, CB-CE and more worldwide organizations. That means you know you get a safe, well-constructed product that works effectively as proven by independent testing laboratories.

IMRS PEMF Certifications

Best Pricing, Great Warranty, Rental, and Financing

iMRS devices are one of the most effectively priced PEMF devices on the market. You won’t find a more cost-effective solution that produces comparable results. Plus, it’s backed by a 3-year warranty that can be extended to 5 years. You know your investment is safe and cost-effective.

There are options for you to rent and/or finance your iMRS system. Call us for details.

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