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iMRS vs. Bemer

If You’re Considering a Bemer Read This First
There May Be A Better Solution For You

iMRS vs. Bemer

If You’re Considering a Bemer Read This First
There May Be A Better Solution For You

iMRS PEMF science research

Better science and more features

Bemer and iMRS are the two most popular Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy systems sold in North America. Healthcare Professionals and private individuals buy them. The truth is that all kinds of people with all kinds of conditions say they get good results with both. They both have control units, mats, and other applicator devices. 

We believe the iMRS is based on much more solid science and has a bunch more features. You get a lot more and better results for the money you spend.

iMRS features you won’t find on Bemer

See Why We Prefer iMRS
imrs research proven PEMF squarewave
imrs research proved PEMF sawtooth wave

Waveforms designed to meet scientific standards

The iMRS was designed to provide both the square wave and sawtooth wave waveforms, conforming to established scientific research on the kinds of PEMF waveforms that are most beneficial (rapidly rising and falling). Independent research proved these waveforms improved microcirculation and rebuilt and rejuvenated organs, tissues, and neurons. Frequencies are added to the sawtooth wave (the squiggly lines shown in the diagram) that are proven to be beneficial for specific organs in the body.

Designing the system to conform to established research is a significantly better way to build a PEMF system than designing a new waveform and contracting with research groups to test it.

See more information below.

iMRS iGUIDE database

Database of 284 protocols

The iGUIDE database has clinically tested preset protocols for 284 specific conditions. Treat a wide variety of specific conditions simply and automatically.

imore imrs health heart rate variability

Automatic intensity control by monitoring heart rate variability

The iMORE monitors your heart rate variability (HRV). It automatically provides you with the optimum intensity moment-to-moment throughout your PEMF session. You get the best possible results from each PEMF session.

islrs imrs brainwave entrainment relaxation

Automatic frequency control and brainwave entrainment

The built-in organ clock selects the optimum frequency for the right time of day. That encourages your brainwaves to be in the right state. You sleep better at night, relax more in the evening, and have increased alertness in the day. Plus, the iSLRS masks uses visual and audio stimuli to enhance these brainwave entrainment effects.

Automatic PEMF signal variation

Bodies adapt to PEMF signals quickly. iMRS shifts the polarity of the signal every 2 minutes. Combined with the intensity variation of the iMORE and the frequency variation of the organ clock, you can be certain that you will get the maximum results from each PEMF session.

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Bemer vs iMRS prices

Note: we made the systems as comparable as possible to give fair price comparisons. The top-of-the-line iMRS product, The Professional is not listed.

Low End Systems

Bemer Classic


Control Unit

Full Body Mat

B.Spot Local Applicator

3 year warranty

iMRS  Wellfit


Control Unit

Full Body Mat

Pillow Local Applicator

3 year warranty extendable to 5 years

High End Systems

Bemer Pro


Control Unit

Full Body Mat

B.Spot Local Applicator

B.Pad Local Applicator

B.Light for Skin

3 year warranty

iMRS Complete Set


Control Unit

Full Body MAt

Pillow Local Applicator

Probe Local Application

iMORE HRV monitor

iSLRS LED Brain Entrainment System

3 year warranty extendable to 5 years

Sales and Special Prices


Never specials or sale prices


Sale every month ranging from $700 to $1,800 savings compared to Bemer

Get a much more feature-rich system in the iMRS Professional Set valued at $6,545 for up to $1,200 less compared to a Bemer Pro.

Scientific Comparisons

iMRS has waveforms supported by independent research

The Science

Rapidly rising and falling waveforms are most effective.

In particular sawtooth waves are effective for repairing tissue and square waves eliminate pain. 

Sinusoidal waves are not as effective,


Uses a gradually increasing, frequency and amplitude modulated sinusoidal wave.


Uses a sawtooth wave modified with additional frequencies for specific organs and tissues in the MAT APPLICATOR.

imrs research proved PEMF sawtooth wave

Uses a square wave in the PILLOW and PROBE APPLICATORS.

imrs research proven PEMF squarewave

iMRS vs, Bemer in fibromyalgia research

The Science

When you compare PEMF systems in research studies, it’s critical that you compare studies that are as close as possible. Many factors impact the effectiveness of PEMF signals. The waveform, intensity, treatment protocols, and many other factors impact the effectiveness of the PEMF research.

One example of comparable research between iMRS and Bemer has been done for fibromyalgia. You can check out the research papers yourself.

From a strictly scientific viewpoint, these 2 reports show that iMRS is more effective for the treatment of fibromyalgia. The results of any study can only be applied to what was being studied despite the tendency to make a wider generalization.


The results for Bemer were very disappointing.

 “This study revealed that low-energy pulsed electromagnetic field treatment was no more effective than treatment with a sham device in reducing pain and stiffness or in improving functioning in women with fibromyalgia. Thus, pulsed electromagnetic field treatment cannot be recommended for treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms“. 

Read the Bemer Report


The results for iMRS (using the earlier version of the iMRS) were much more promising.

”PEMF therapy may improve function, pain, fatigue, and global status in FM patients and may offer a potential therapeutic adjunct to current FM therapies in the future”.


Read the iMRS Report

iMRS has a wider range of intensities

The Science

Government standards set the highest sustained exposure to EMF at 400 microTesla.

People that are hypersensitive to EMF need very low intensities


Lowest intensity: 3.5 microTesla

Highest intensity: 150 microTesla


Lowest intensity: 0.09 microTesla

Highest intensity: 300 microTesla

iMRS has more natural therapeutic frequencies

The Science

Frequencies below 30 Hz are most effective in PEMF. 

Brainwave entrainment occurs when frequencies match specific brain frequencies.

The Earth’s natural Schumann Resonance frequency is about 7.8 Hz.


Provides 2 frequencies:

  • 10 Hz
  • 33 Hz


Provides 4 frequencies:

  • 0.5 Hz
  • 3 Hz
  • 5.5 Hz
  • 15 Hz

Selected to be in natural Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta brainwave frequency ranges.

iMRS coil construction produces superior waveforms

The Science

Rigid, tightly wound, circular copper coils produce the best electromagnetic fields.


Uses flexible plastic tubing containing wire in the shapes of circles and ovals.

 bemef coils


Uses a rigid, tightly wound, circular copper coils in the MAT, PILLOW, and PROBE APPLICATORS.

In the MAT APPLICATOR, coils contain different numbers of wraps for the head, torso, and legs. This produces the greatest PEMF signal at the legs and a lower PEMF signal at the more sensitive head.

imrs pemf copper coils

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