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iMRS Compared To Other PEMF

Other Systems Simply Do Not Stand Up To Comparison

The systems shown on this page are some of the most popular pulsed electromagnetic field therapy systems being sold today. We evaluate systems based on science, features, and price. These thumbnail reviews give you our assessment of competitive systems’ weaknesses.

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iMRS 2000

The iMRS2000 actually is  the Swiss Bionic Systems iMRS. There is no difference. iMRS2000 is just a marketing gimick used by one Swiss Bionic distributor.

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More Expensive
Questionable Waveform

Limited Range of Intensities

Poorer Coil Construction

Less Features

More About Bemer
ondamed vs imrs pemf


Way Too Expensive
Requires Significant Traning
Requires A Health Practitioner
Subjective, Inaccurate “Biofeedback”
Limited Range of Intensities
Limited Use Of Proven Natural Frequency


No Natural Earth Frequencies
No Proven Square Wave
LImited Range of Intensities
Poorer Coil Construction
Not FDA Registered


Frequencies Too High
No Proven Square Wave
Difficult To Upgrade
Poorer Coil Construction


Frequencies Too High
Intensities Somewhat Too High
No Proven Square Wave
Limited Accessories
Not Easily Upgraded


Unsophisticated PEMF Signals
Difficult To Upgrade
No Multi-Frequency Sawtooth Waves

High Intensity Systems

Way Too Expensive
Should Only Be Used By Healthcare Pros
Operate At Potentially Dangerous Voltages
Use Potentially Dangerous Microwave EMF

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