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iMRS iFAUNA for Horses

And Other Large Animals

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Animal Pulsed ElectromMagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF treatment is effective on large and small animals.

People used permanent magnets to treat both humans and animals for thousands of years, but PEMF is relatively new in comparison because it uses pulsed electromagnetic fields instead of static magnetic fields… and there’s a big difference. Scientific studies by NASA and other research groups have proven that PEMF is effective for:

  • joint diseases
  • recovery after surgery
  • nerve regeneration
  • osteoarthritic conditions
  • tissue regeneration
  • recovery from tendon lesions
  • remodeling of articular and subchondral osteolytic defects

…and much more.

You can treat smaller animals with the same systems that you use to treat yourself.

The iMRS iFAUNA is designed for use on large animals like horses, and it’s also used effectively for large animals in zoos.

Learn About iFAUNA

PEMF for Horses

PEMF is actively being used to treat

  • equine sore backs
  • chronic hock soreness
  • tendon damage
  • ligament damage
  • soreness
  • stone bruises
  • shipping fever
  • other types of wounds.
imrs fauna for large animals


For Large Animals

Swiss Bionic Lifestyle produces the best Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field system for animals

The iMRS iFAUNA is a low-intensity system that very closely reproduces the natural Earth frequencies. It uses the proved square and sawtooth waveforms and superimposes frequencies to heal specific tissues on the sawtooth wave. As you can see in the image on the left, the system includes a digital control unit, two full body applicators, two applicators that are appropriate for extremities, and several accessories (not shown).

High-intensity systems were developed under the “bigger is better” mindset, but research on humans has clearly demonstrated that is simply not true. In humans and horses, the most beneficial effects are found in systems generating low-intensity EMF. In fact, the International Federation of Equestrian Sports has banned the use of high-intensity machines.

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