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PEMF For Wellness, Prevention, And Peak Performance

Acheive Higher Results While You Prevent Illness

See iMRS Life Enhancement

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PEMF Is Critical For Wellness

Wellness is when your mind and body are functioning at their best.

Your body needs mineralsnutrientsoxygenwater, and a source of energy to function properly. The better these critical elements are delivered to every cell in your body, the more effectively the body operates.

Research proves your body requires low-frequency, low-intensity electromagnetic fields to work best. Those kinds of fields because they are natural to the Earth, and you have grown up with them your entire life.

However, electromagnetic fields generated by modern electronic devices mask the effectiveness of the natural Earth fields. Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) treatment revitalizes your body by supplementing the EMF you need.

It’s the electromagnetic version of taking vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to be healthy.

See How PEMF Works In Your Body
imrs health pemf makes cells work better

PEMF For Health Problem Prevention

Independent scientific research proves that Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields:

  • Improve microcirculation of the blood, getting the cells the elements they need and getting rid of the toxins and waste products they don’t need.
  • Increase the cross-membrane cell voltage and the overall energy in each cell.
  • Rebuild and restore tissues, bones, and neurons.

PEMF optimizes the functioning of the body. When your body works at its best, diseases are naturally prevented.

Peak Performance

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy results in your body working better, getting more sleep, recovering from injuries more quickly, and rebuilding itself more effectively. That means you get peak performance for physical and mental tasks at work, home, and play… no matter what you do or who you are.

iMRS PEMF is much more than getting rid of the symptoms of disease.

No matter what you do in life… Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy can help you do it better.