Better Sleep With iMRS PEMF

How To Sleep Better With Brainwave Entrainment

woman asleep with IMRS PEMF

Better Sleep With iMRS PEMF

How To Sleep Better With Brainwave Entrainment

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better sleep with iMRS PEMF brainwave entrainment

Insomnia is an epidemic

Everyone is familiar with the expression, “There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep.” All animals sleep. It is critical for life. Research has shown that the body and the brain regenerate themselves during deep sleep. Getting enough sleep keeps your heart healthy, reduces stress, controls inflammation, helps prevent diabetes, prevents excessive weight gain, avoids premature aging, and even helps fight cancer.

Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of insomnia in our culture. Many people have a difficult time going to sleep, wake up in the middle of the night, and feel tired instead of refreshed in the morning. They are NOT getting the health benefits that sleep brings.

Brain Wave Entrainment

In his book, Super Brain, Deepak Chopra, M.D. discusses the phenomena of Brain Wave Entrainment. It’s defined as any procedure that causes the frequency of brainwaves to synchronize with an external stimulus having a frequency of a specific brain-state. The stimulus may be sound, vibration, light, or electromagnetic fields.

Deepak_Chopra_brainwave entrainment PEMF

Alpha, Theta, and Delta Brainwaves

The brain has natural frequencies associated with different kinds of consciousness.

  • Alpha waves are associated with relaxed states
  • Theta with early sleep
  • Delta with deep sleep.

Dr. Chopra and others proved that it’s possible to coax people into relaxation, sleep, and deep sleep using external stimuli of the corresponding Beta, Alpha, and Theta frequencies. One of the most effective forms of stimulus in non-photo-induced epileptic people is blinking lights experienced with the eyes closed.

Another effective stimulus for Brain Wave Entrainment is sound. Chanting, drumming, and all kinds of gentle rhythmic music are effective ways to produce Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves.

PEMF for insomnia

In his research, Impulse Magnetic Field Therapy For Insomnia, R.B. Pekla demonstrated that PEMF-type signals are effective for treating insomnia. The concept is simple. Generate EMF fields with the Theta and Delta frequencies, and Brain Wave Entrainment will encourage people to sleep.

A complete PEMF sleep-inducing therapy consists of PEMF signals in the 1 to 8Hz range accompanied by synchronized blinking lights and/or sounds.

iMRS PEMF Therapy
islrs imrs brainwave entrainment relaxation

iMRS for better sleep

iMRS uses PEMF, sound, and light at the right brainwave entrainment frequencies to encourage your brain into the relaxing alpha, delta, and theta brainwaves.

The Intelligent control unit automatically selects the right frequencies for Brain Wave Entrainment to help you sleep better. Its night setting generates a PEMF signal of 0.5 Hz in the Delta, deep sleep range, and the evening setting generates frequencies in the Theta, falling asleep range. Of course, you can manually set either of these frequencies if you prefer something different than the automatic selection.

iMRS iGUIDE databaseIf you have the iGUIDE, you can use the sleep disorders settings to find a good place to start.

iSLRS enhances the Brain Wave Entrainment process by adding light, sound, and/or music that’s synchronized with the PEMF frequency during your session.

That means that EMF, light, and sound are coaxing your brain into natural sleep states.

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