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iMRS pillow for back pain

Use the iMRS PIllow/Pad on Specific, Localized Areas of The Body Like the Back

imrs probe use acupressure for pain

Use the iMRS Probe on Joints, Specific Points on the Body, or Acupuncture Points


Pulsed EMF Therapy improves circulation and repairs tissues resulting in dramatic reductions in acute and chronic pain.

A few of the types of pain that are reduced include, but are not limite to:

  • Myofascial
  • Back
  • Tooth
  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathic
  • Carpal Tunnel

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I have averaged level 2-5 pain daily in my low back. I just accepted it, as I was able to tolerate pain well.

After a day of doing medium physical work, my low back was in level 5 pain and I decided to take Greg up on his offer of a free Mat session. At the end of the session, amazingly, I was pain-free. I remember looking back at the Mat and thinking, slightly in disbelief, what just happened, how is this possible? Regardless, I was still very, very grateful!

Thereafter, 1 session every 2 weeks, if no heavy physical work, has keep me virtually pain-free. I do not understand how this works, but it does work!

Sharon Simien / Petaluma, CA

After years of on and off knee pain, the hurting got so bad I could hardly walk through the grocery store. I felt weird driving around one of those electric motorized carts. The doctor suggested some prescription NSAIDS and insisted I get x-rays.  Sure enough, the x-rays showed that I had some arthritis in both knees. It looked like I might be off to an orthopedic specialist

Then the iMRS system showed up at my door. After about a month of using it in a simple 8 minute 2 times a day protocol and using the Pillow Applicator for 20 minutes a day on the kness, the pain has completely disappeared.

Ron M.
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