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iMRShealth PEMF Video Library

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Discover Pulsed Electromagnetic FieldTherapy, iMRS, and iMRShealth

What PEMF Is All About

Introducing iMRS Health PEMF Therapy

Introducing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Discover what the 21st-century technology for health and wellness using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is all about.


What Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Can Do For You

Learn the basics of what Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy does to improve your health and wellness by improving basic body systems.

iMRS PEMF for wellness prevention peak performance

iMRS PEMF LIfe Enhancment

iMRS PEMF isn’t just for symptom relief. It improves overall wellness, boost the immune system, and takes you to peak performance.

Introducing iMRShealth iMRS PEMF

Introducing iMRShealth

iMRShealth is the best place you can purchase your iMRS system. See why.

All Time Favorites

The Science Behind Pulsed Electromagnetic Field PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field PEMF Therapy and iMRS

iMRS PEMF vs Bemer – iMRShealth Comparison

iMRS Brainwave Entrainment For Better Sleep Without Drugs

PEMF Science Basics

Basic Swiss Bionic iMRS PEMF technology

Basic Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology

Discover the basic components and construction of any high-quality Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy device.

Science Behind iMRShealth iMRS PEMF

The Science Behind PEMF Therapy

The scientific claims about PEMF can be confusing. There are thousands of legitimate research studies. Discover the real science behind home and office PEMF systems.


Physiological Responses To PEMF

Discover what actually happens in the body during PEMF treatment that leads to overall health and wellness improvements.

The First iMRShealth iMRS PEMF Session

Your First iMRS Therapy Session

See how simple it is to enjoy your first therapy session on the iMRS system.

Buying Your Own Pulsed Electromagnetic Field System

Buy an iMRS PEMF from iMRShealth

How To Buy A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field System

Solve 95% of the PEMF buying decision dilemmas buy keeping a few simple things in mind. See how.

Reasons iMRShealth prefers iMRS PEMF

5 Reasons We Prefer iMRS

We like iMRS PEMF systems more than others for 5 simple reasons. Discover what they are.


The Myth of PEMF Complexity

PEMF systems for home use shouldn’t be complicated or require much training. Discover the training myth.

iMRShealth How much training for iMRS PEMF

How Much Training Do You Need

What do you really need to know to set up and start getting benefits from your own Pulsed Electromagnetic Field system. Find out here.

The iMRS PEMF Myth of iMRS2000

The iMRS2000 Myth

If you’re confused about iMRS2000 and iMRS see why iMRS2000 is a myth.

Watch Our Sample iMRS Customer Training Video

When you buy your iMRS system from IMRShealth, you’ll have access to the full library of training videos..

iMRShealth training helps set up your iMRS PEMF

Setting Up Your iMRS

How to set up and configure your iMRS system in 15 minutes.

Watch Our Sample iMRS Wellness Webinar Podcast Videos

When you buy your iMRS system from IMRShealth, you can participate in our wellness webinar videos on energy medicine and many other topics. The webinars are designed by practicing and licensed health, alternative, and energy medicine pracitioners.


Western Versus Alternative Medicine

Discover how ancient and modern energy medicine concepts fit into western scientific thinking in this video.


The Basics of Energy Medicine

Find out what human energy fields an auras are all about and how humans are connected to each other and the entire universe through information.


The System of Chakras

See how the 7 Chakras, or energy centers, fit into the entire information energetic field of the body and exchange information with the universe.

Watch Third Party Videos

When you buy your iMRS system from IMRShealth, you’ll have access to the full library of training videos..

dr oz on imrs pemf

Dr. Oz Introduces Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

imrs 2000 health video

Wolfgang Jaksch of Swiss Bionic Explains The Health Concepts Behind iMRS

The iMRS Health System

Wolfgang Jaksch of Swiss Bionic Introduces the iMRS Pulsed Electromagnetic Field System


Wolfgang Jaksch of Swiss Bionic iMRS Prelaunch Interview