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money_clipped_rev_1If you do, you have the chance to make some money. No, this isn’t about twisting your friends’ and family’s arms to buy something you’re trying to convince them they need. It is about providing people you care about with a terrific solution to a problem they’re having like chronic or acute pain, poor sleep, fatigue, inflammation, pain and poor circulation… the same kinds of problems your iMRS solved for you. Wouldn’t you share that with the people you know? Of course you would.

We give you unprecedented support…

If you think you might just know people who will benefit from a iMRS, then let us do the work for you. We’ll take care of telling them all about the products, helping them select the product that’s right for them and making sure their order is placed correctly. For you, it’s simple. You don’t have to worry about a thing. You just connect the people you care about with us. That’s it… no muss, no fuss. We’ll do your work for you every step of the way.

Later, you’ll be able to tell even more people about iMRS products, and you can rely on our efforts again. We love these products so much, it’s our pleasure to share them with others.

If you’re a healthcare professional…

We love working with healthcare practitioners. We know exactly how iMRS products can benefit your clients and build your practice.

If you’re not…

Then, rely on us to ensure the people you connect us with get the best possible iMRS products to get the results they want. We’ll take care of the people you care about.

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