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With every order of an iMRS WELLFIT, COMPLETE, or PROFESSIONAL get a FREE iSLRS Brain Wave Entrainment System.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology

EMF That's Good For Your Health

iMRS-smallThe 2017 iMRS infuses your body with Earth's natural electromagnetic frequencies... the frequencies that NASA research has proven are essential for maintaining your overall health and balance.

Relaxing on your 2017 iMRS mat for 8 minutes, 2 times per day can make you healthier, energize you and change your life.


Why Buy iMRS From Us

Why iMRS

We selected iMRS because it has the best price performance of any system in the PEMF market. Dollar for dollar you get more features than any other PEMF device. The features most closely align to the scientific research on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Plus, iMRS is incredibly simple to use. Turn it on and the automated features deliver the best PEMF session for your particular needs. There are no knobs to turn or settings to set unless you want to.

Why iMRS Health

iMRS Health is a team of licenced health care and alternative healthcare professionals dedicated to providing outstanding health care and related products that contribute to your own joyful and happy life. We have seen people realize remarkable changes to their overall health and life using iMRS products… and we want to share those results with you.

We’re an authorized distributor for Swiss Bionic Lifestyle, the manufacturer of the iMRS… but when you call us, you don’t talk to sales people. Instead, you join our family… our licensed healthcare practitioners will go the extra mile to see that you get the best health solution possible. We are committed to your health and satisfaction and promise to always tell you the truth and all the health facts. For us, it’s about a lot more than selling you something as quickly as possible.

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A Totally Different Approach To Health


Traditional Medicine

Approaches health from biochemistry, reductionism, structural integrity and disease. You are not healthy when one or more of these things is "broken" or when some kind of "germ" invades your body.

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Holistic Medicine

Works from the viewpoint that all parts of the body work together. When you are not healthy it is because the different aspects in your body, mind and spirit are imbalanced and not working harmoniously together.

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Earth Energy Medicine

Is the basis of iMRS PEMF Technology. You are healthy when your energy and circulation are optimized by being in resonance with the Earth's natural Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields..

Top 2017 iMRS Proven Health Benefits

  • Stronger bones
  • Nerve & tissue regeneration
  • Better pain relief
  • Feel younger and stronger
  • More flexibility
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Improved immunity
  • Increased HGH production
  • Increased ATP production
  • Increased vitality
  • Better circulation
  • Reduced stress
  • Better tissue oxygenation
  • Increased endorphins


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2017 iMRS Systems

The basic system consists of a programmable, digital Control Unit, a Mat and a Pillow Pad. The system can be easily upgraded because its programs are contained on a standard SD Card. To upgrade, simply put in a different card and attach any additional components like the Probe or iSLRS Goggles.

In addition, every Control Unit contains programming based on the principles of Chinese Medicine's organ clock. The PEMF signal is automatically optimized to produce the best results in your body for different times of the day. Of course, these automatic settings can be overridden whenever you like.

The Control Unit can be set to display in English, French or German.

Click below for more information on specific systems.


The Interactive MOnitoring and REgulation system (iMORE) is an exciting, totally unique feature that ensures you get the best results for your body. iMORE monitors your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and adjusts the intensity of the PEMF signal in a carefully designed biofeedback process. It's like putting the iMRS on autopilot, adjusting to whatever you need from moment to moment.


iSLRS uses the principle of brain entrainment to put your mind into a state of deep relaxation. LED Goggles and headphones are used to present precise visual and/or auditory stimuli that naturally promote the production of alpha and delta brain frequencies... the frequencies that occur in deep relaxation.


iGUIDE is a database of the ideal settings for over 250 specific conditions. It's built directly into the iMRS Control Unit. To find the perfect setting for your condition (or the condition of your client) you scroll through the menu of conditions and select the one you want. iGUIDE automatically sets the optimum intensity and duration for your PEMF session. 

iMRS Fauna

PEMF Magnetic-resonance-stimulation can also be used for animals. The results are amazing! The standard iMRS system can be used for pets and small animals. Larger animals like horses and cows need applicator devices larger than the usual Mat and Pillow Pad. The iMRS Fauna provides specialized software and applicators for larger animals. It's a must for any large animal lover or veterinarian.

iMRS Accessories

The iMRS Accessories may be used to upgrade an existing iMRS system or to provide additional convenience or functionality to any new or existing iMRS system. Accessories include items like carrying cases, battery packs for portability, gel for the Skindream Titanium and more. In addition, each iMRS component may be purchased separately if needed.

Skindream® Titanium

SkinDream® Titanium is the combination of research in the field of cosmetic ultrasound for home use and the experience of professional beauticians. The synergy of high-tech electronics and precious materials for a unique sonic head makes SkinDream® Titanium one of the most effective home-use cosmetic ultrasound systems available today. Get rid of wrinkles and beautify your skin using the SkinDream a few minutes a day.

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Why You Should Buy A 2017 iMRS System

life in jungleGuided By Nature

For thousands and thousands of years, all  life, including human life has thrived in the Earth's natural Schumann PEMF frequencies and intensities. Today, common electronic devices produce an "Electro-Smog" that masks this natural PEMF. The iMRS restores the essential Schumann field to your body. For a few thousand years, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine has known that the human body responds to particular frequencies at specific times of the day. These natural rhythms and intensities are built into the iMRS system design.

scientific researchGrounded In Science

Tens of thousands of scientific research studies have proven the health and wellness benefits of certain PEMF frequencies and intensities... including the ground breaking research done by NASA. That scientific research is the foundation of every single iMRS system.

valueSimply The Best Value

Value is about quality and cost. iMRS has the highest quality workmanship, delivering the most natural Earth PEMF signals. Plus, it costs much less than other competitive products. Combined with the available 0% down, 0% interest financing that makes the 2017 iMRS the best value you can get.

The clear leaderThe Clear PEMF Industry Leader

The iMRS has at least 14 clear advantages  over other PEMF devices. Clear research shows that "higher intensity" PEMF is a myth. In one-to-one comparisons, the iMRS is clearly superior to other PEMF devices that are widely promoted in the health and wellness market.
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The Most Researched Field Of Energetic Medicine

Over 10,000 research studies, including 2,000 placebo controlled, double blind studies have been done proving the effectiveness of PEMF for human health. Among the research is multi-million dollar studies done by NASA to counteract the negative effects of extended space flight. There is no doubt that PEMF works… and works well!

In fact, it works better than other types of energy medicine.

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